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He is a talent who can do it all. He is a hot singer songwriter, a recording artist, a record producer, an independent dance music recording mogul and one of the hottest dance-music remixers to emanate out of Chicago, Illinois. Georgie Porgie, greatly influenced during the infancy of House Music, has gone on to create his own blend of thumpin’ Chicago dance beats and in-your-face infectious rhythmic grooves. He is known as Georgie Porgie to some, George Andros to others, or just plain ole’ Georgie to his millions of fans worldwide. Whatever you call him, there is no disputing the fact that Georgie Porgie is a multi-talented international recording star, with deep soulful vocal chops, an ear for a pulsating beat and a spirit that is contemplative, vibrant, energetic and lovable.

Georgie Porgie’s uplifting songs of love, life, and strength reflect the hopes and dreams of many in which he translates so eloquently through his gift of music. With one listen,
the affirmation can be felt in any of his #1 worldwide
chart topping singles. His first dance single to heat up the charts was the funky party theme song “Let The Music
Pump You Up”. His follow up releases “Strawberry” and “Everybody Must Party”, kept the arms swaying and smiles flashing on the jam packed dance floors. Other chart toppers such as, “I’m In Love” and “Don’t Want You”,

found their rightful place on international DJ and radio playlists. However, it was 1999’s “Love Story”
that positioned Georgie for sustained worldwide acclaim on both the dance club charts and the pop charts.

Fast forward to the year of the millennium celebration, 2000. Georgie was to pen his inspirational song of life, which transcended every demographic and nationality. It was the appropriately titled,
“Life Goes On” that ensured Georgie’s place as an artist who was determined to spread his lyrical love
and who’s longevity has earned him the title of “The Ambassador of Dance Music”. The “Life Goes On” single shot to #1 on the International Dance Club Charts and Dance/ Pop Radio Charts as well in over 14 countries. Georgie has performed for tens of thousands of fans in dance clubs, festivals and theaters in countries such as Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, Portugal, Greece, Canada, Switzerland and Japan, to name a few. It is certainly, no wonder that his “Life Goes On” video which depicts everyday people, “striving, groovin’ and movin’ to the beat of life, found itself in high rotation on the MTV pop countdown. The optimistic power of “rhythm and life” is still a DJ dance floor favorite, with DJ’s spinning in over 15 countries.

His singles released from the “Love Life and Be Happy” album, “I Believe” and “Sunshine” has fol- lowed the pattern of success of his previous singles, peaked at #1 on Billboard Dance Chart and on the World Dance Top Singles Chart. Currently he is in the studio preparing the next album. The new set of singles such as “Can You Feel That Sound,” has achieved the #1 status on the Billboard Dance Chart. “Brand New Day,” “Take Me Away”, “Beautiful” “Yea Yea Yea and his latest Single “Keep On Lovin You” have peaked at #1 on multiple charts. It has held the #1 position on the Zip DJ Chart for 2 1/2 months!  These singles would bring his totals to five #1 Hits on Billboard Dance Chart and over 35 #1 records in over 18 countries!

Georgie Porgie, lends his remixing talents to pop, urban and dance artists alike. His ability to write gives him an advantage as a songwriter and a remixer for highly lyrical songs. Georgie’s remix credits in- clude, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Crystal Waters, Spice Girls, Mary J. Blige, Jody Watley, Zhane, Tag Team, R. Kelly and Ivy Queen to name a few. Georgie has lock in deals with Warner Brothers and MCA records before he launched his own independent dance record label, Music Plant Group. As a label head, he has col- laborated with dance music legends such as Linda Clifford, Suzanne Palmer, Pepper Mashay, Barbara Tucker The Chi-lites feat. Marshall Thompson and the list goes on.

Billboard Magazine in 2010 named Georgie Top 10 Dance artist of the decade along the likes of Madonna, Beyonce and others. Georgie is a true Diamond in Dance. With one listen to his music, you too will see why his lyrical brand and power of rhythm can flip an empty dance floor into one which celebrates the joy of life with exuberance, contemplation and optimism. So if it is soulful, well written, musical artistry with phat dance beats that grooves you, or heartfelt pop-like radio friendly ballads, then Georgie is an artist for you!