Dj “Q”!!!!!! Not often do we come across a Dj who embodies the whole spirit of dance music. Coming from a music and dance background Dj Q (Quinta Young) has shown that he is not only talented on the dance floor but also has an ear for great dance music. From the streets of New York and New Jersey, Q was first noticed as a house music dancer for Bstar music’s “Queen of house” Miss Barbara Tucker: he was then given the opportunity to record his unique Mc style vocals along side Barbara on some of her tracks. This then opening the doors for Q to show that he was not just a skillful dancer, but also had other talents that would help progress him into a recording artist as well as a programmer with the spirit of the beat of a dancer. Dj Q has a very uplifting feel about th way he plays music and plays very up tempo, if you’re looking for a Dj that will make your crowd get up on their feet and dance nonstop then Q is the man. Now he has become an integral part of the Bstar Music Group, Q started with just opening up for Barbara Tucker at shows, since then they have now teamed up to form the Barb&Q project.. With performances already in over ten Countries including, Italy ,Africa, spain ,Ibiza, Turkey, Hungry,Jakarta,Budapest, Switzerland,Dubai, japan, Tokyo,Osaka,Hanoi Vietnam,Miami,(WMC events) Amsterdam. DJ Q also holds residences in NY (coney Island Boardwalk,) ibiza (Soul Heaven), Miami (and let the singer be heard. DJ Q with Barbara Tucker recorded a single called “Work That Body,” this got the attention of Georgie Porgie who decided to produce the song with Q. Once it was finished Georgie sign DJ Q to his legendary label i Am House/ Music Plant Group for the World! DJ Q is fast becoming in demand and with his current #1 song “Work That Body” on i Am House/ Music Plant Group you will see that his love and passion of music is imbedded in his soul with the way he expresses his self while Giving other the chance to experience his Talent as a Dj / Producer/ Remixer/ Artist & Dancer….